Thursday, September 22, 2011

Your Mediocre?  Your Hired!!

Pretty sad huh?  It’s all in the title.  Seems that now days all you have to do is be able to accomplish the basics to be an asset to most companies now days. 

What are the basics?  Well, let’s see.  How about showing up to work on time?  Sounds simple right?  You’d be amazed how hard that is for most people.  Next.  How about a great appearance?  Meaning clothes pressed, cleaned, and matching.  No white socks with black shoes here people!! As far as physical appearance, How about just showered and shaved?  Another basic attribute you would think would be easy, but it takes about ten applicants to find one that can do this simple task every morning.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not preaching that being mediocre will shoot you straight up the corporate ladder, but a lot of times it will get your foot through the door.  It’s your responsibility to step it up after you’ve accomplished the basics.  Be a leader, always be learning, and set examples for the mediocre employees.  Making it to where they want to make that move from mediocre to superstar.

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