Monday, September 26, 2011

Fighting Business

Anything we enjoy in life has a dark deep secret behind it.  At its core it’s a business.  You say well it’s free for me to go out there and play a pick-up game of basketball.  Sure it is, but those shoes you’re wearing, Gatorade your drinking, jersey your wearing, basketball your playing with, etc.  You see where I’m getting at.  It all comes at a price!

I did a short interview with a great friend of mine that’s a MMA up and coming fighter.  Ill be following him as he grows in his career and will quite frequently reference sports on this business blog.  His name is Andrew Whitney.  Remember that name!  So, just because it’s entertaining and a sport, it still has a place on a business blog.  Ask Mayweather if boxing isn’t a business.  He’ll give you seventy million reasons it is.

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