Friday, September 23, 2011

 What has value? How is value perceived?  Is it the Green printable paper in your wallet?  Is it the shiny stuff you glam yourself up with to perceive to the public you have much value?  Is it time?  I think it’s actually up to the person and the situation they’re in.  I personally value a lot of things.  Family, friends, my pets, time, and yes of course those printable green sheets of paper in my wallet.  I think it’s important in life to prioritize your values in order to have a map toward success.  You can’t be pitching a sale with the thought of your vacation you’re starting the next day.  In that case your vacation is more valuable to you at the moment than the actual action that’s going to pay for that trip to Venice.  All your values have to have a time and a place.  Learn how to prioritize your values and success will come easy. 
If you master this process call me.  I need some training in this area!

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