Monday, September 26, 2011

The Cheap Seats; Absolutely Not!!

Lovin this time of year.  It’s football season.  The time of year I dawn all my Chiefs gear, hit up the stadium with friends, and if the chance of hell freezing over my Chiefs win.  Hasn't happened so far, but Im holding my golden horseshoe.    If you think about it, it’s created its own culture.  People actually plan and shift their lifestyle to the season of their favorite team.  I can’t count how many times I haven’t made plans due to the fact that my teams playing that day.

On that note, just as 90% of the things that we enjoy doing, it’s a business.  Yes we cheer, eat, drink, etc., but at the core of all this is a business.  Looking at the NFL as a business, personally I think they could use some help in the customer service department. 

Here’s a short story for ya.  My father has season tickets.  So, I usually use his tickets.  Last year I looked online at how much season tickets would have been for myself.  They were a little pricey. So, I passed on the tickets.  I had pretty good luck at scoring cheap, good, seats on eBay.  Well, about two weeks after looking into the tickets I get a phone call from a sales  rep from the KC Chiefs to pitch me a season ticket package.  Long story short I tried to negotiate with the guy and to no avail.  So I went to eBay and bought really good seats below ticket value.  This was due to the Chiefs having another “stellar” year.  I get to the game and I bet there was no less, just in my section, 120 empty seats.  Key word. EMPTY!!  Would it not have been more intelligent for that so called Salesman on the phone to sell those tickets to me cheaper.. Imagine on how much concessions, souvenirs, parking, etc they missed out on because they wanted to make $20 more per ticket than people were willing to pay. 

I see this as a classic case of losing focus on the big picture.  You treat that customer good, give them a great service, and ask for a fair price; they’ll hand you their wallet.  Next time you’re making that sales pitch look at the big picture.  There’s a lot of times Ill lose money on a car deal knowing they’ll be coming into our service drive to spend there hard earned money. It’s kind of like getting a shot.  Stick it in nice and easy and the person doesn’t feel it.  A customer coming in once a month gradually doing business and spending a little money doesn’t affect them as badly as dropping it all down at one time. 

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