Thursday, September 22, 2011

“Works a Verb Not a Noun”
When you pull into the parking lot of your workplace are you at work?  If you answer yes to this question then it's time to re-evaluate what you think of as work.  Is work a place?  Think about it...if work is a place then merely showing up becomes your entire job description.  Unless you get paid to sit around and stare out the window this is an inaccurate description of what you do for a living.  Isn't it?  If you indeed get paid to just sit what is the significance of sitting "at work"?  Couldn't you sit a home and accomplish the exact same task?  I am not trying to be sarcastic but maybe it's time for a reality check.  Unless the laws of gravity are so screwed up at your place of employment that it actually requires somebody to sit on a chair to hold it into place then the act of showing up at work is not your job!  When we decided that work was a noun ( A person, Place, or thing) American productivity dipped dramatically.  If we are honest with ourselves and understand that the vast majority of us view work as a place, then we are on the road to recovery.  We must all understand that we accept a paycheck from our employer to fulfill a certain set of required duties.  It doesn't matter if you are flipping burgers or performing brain surgery, you get paid to DO SOMETHING!  If you really want to get ahead in today's marketplace maybe you should start to understand that work is not a noun, work is a verb.  Work is something we do not someplace we go.  The sooner we all wake up and realize this the quicker we become "upwardly mobile".  Isn't that also a verb?

Special Thanks to Randall Hargis for this great Submission

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